Carlmont Music Boosters Volunteers

In addition to providing financial support to the Carlmont Instrumental Music program, Carlmont Music Boosters (CMB) assists with uniforms, pep band/football games, concerts, Chamber Music Night, pit orchestra/musical, festivals, and tours.

CMB encourages Carlmont Instrumental Music families to volunteer for at least two activities/tasks during the year.  There are many different types of volunteer tasks that can fit any work schedule.  Many activities can be done in the evenings or on weekends.  Please see the brief volunteer job descriptions on the right.
Descriptions of Volunteer Openings
Description of
Volunteer Openings
How to sign-up to volunteer
There are two ways to sign-up to volunteer:
  1. Complete the online CMB Registration form on the right (if you did not do this in the Spring).  
  2. Another option is to email
Volunteer Registration Form